About Us
Yoon Fatt Industries (M) Sdn. Bhd.
Specializes in producing agriculture sprayers which was set up in late forties. In early sixties, we have transformed to become a well-equipped agricultural product manufacturer. Our factory located at Kluang, city of Johore and state of Malaysia.
Product Quality
“SOFA” is our leading brand of agriculture sprayer which easily being installed and long lasting spare parts that makes us well - received and well-known in Asia and Africa agriculture based countries especially in Asian countries.
Manufacturing Process
We are focus in quality and customer service, during the manufacturing process we ensure that all inspection and final approval before we deliver our promise and products to ours most valuable customers.
本公司生产的“Sofa牌“喷雾器,在亚非两洲农业国家享有盛名,尤其在亚西安国家,享有崇高的知名度。Sofa品牌 喷雾器, 装配简单,配件耐用,是现代农业的好助手。
本公司始终坚持品质第一,顾客至上的办事方针。在制造过程中,做到员工自检,出产全检, 使每件厂品合格率有保证。重合同,守信誉,把顾客始终放在第一位。
Contact Details

Yoon Fatt Industries(M) Sdn Bhd
No. 16, Jalan Jati,
86000 Kluang. Johor,
Tel: +607 7724341
Fax: +607 7723499

E-mail: kqproductent@gmail.com
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